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Furniture Ministry

Imagine living without a bed…

The Knox County Furniture Ministry is a coalition of churches and nonprofit agencies working to ensure this doesn’t happen in Knox County. The Furniture Ministry’s mission is to restore hope, dignity, and stability to those in need through the gift of furniture.

WTCC has committed to handle furniture pickups and deliveries on the 3rd Saturday of every month. The team gets started first thing on Saturday and is typically done by noon.

If you would like to help us, fill out the form below so our team coordinator can let you know when and where to meet. You will be blessed while being a blessing.

If you are in need of furniture or would like more information about Knox County’s Furniture Ministry, click here.

Fill out the interest form below to receive a contact about helping with one of the next Furniture Ministry opportunities.
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  1. Alana McAlister says:

    I’ve got a lazy boy loveseat in good condition would you want it I come to church at west towne Christian church

    • admin says:


      Thank you for the offer. I’m forwarding your offer to Gene Baquet who leads our Furniture Ministry. He knows the needs better and can give you a response.

      – Ron

    • Gene Baquet says:

      Hello Alana –

      We are grateful for your donation! Let’s get connected to coordinate a pickup date/time. My contact information is below.

      Gene Baquet

  2. Alana McAlister says:

    Sorry just saw this when I didn’t get email or call I gave to someone else next time I will car though thanks Alana


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