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Missions We Support

Go…Make Disciples…Baptize…Teach.
– Matthew 28:18-20

Our mission is to follow Jesus as He seeks and saves the lost.  To this end we will support and send preachers and teachers of the gospel to all the world, encouraging every member of the Body at West Towne Christian Church to be personally involved.

Here are the programs that WTCC supports on a monthly basis:

International Domestic
Colombia Christian Student Fellowship at UT
Ghana Knox Area Rescue Mission
India Smoky Mountain Christian Camp
Italy The Restoration House
Japan Mission Services
Europe Johnson University
Thailand Milligan College


International Missions

Contact and write our missionaries by using the following contact information:

Martin Sanders, Gap Creek Colombian Mission
FA: Carrie Beth Lowe: cblowe@jbc.edu

David & Barbara Kalb, Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

David & Philomina Morris, SICCM
FA: Peg Peters: peg@siccmission.org

Gianni & Shephany Bruno, Italy for Christ Mission
FA: Eli & Liz McAllister: jbc2211@yahoo.com

Lora Christenberry with Team Expansion
Mailing Address:
2-5-7 Minato-cho Domiru A-1 #204
Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken

TCM (Austria)
Tony Twist, President
FA: Kelly McNeely: Kelly@tcmi.org

Phil & Michelle Parker with Victory 44 International
Blog: blog.philparker.us


Domestic Missions

Johnson University

Since 1893, Johnson University has been preparing students for specialized Christian ministries with emphasis on preaching.  Two of our present ministers are graduates of Johnson; George Clark and Ron Bull.  WTCC has provided monthly support since 1974.

Emmanuel School of Religion

This is a graduate school offering Masters Degrees and Doctorates in biblical studies.  Several people attending WTCC have attended or graduated from there.  WTCC has provided monthly support since 1975.

Milligan College

Milligan College is the only fully accredited Christian Liberal Arts College serving our fellowship of churches.  Many from the West Towne family have attended or graduated from Milligan.  WTCC has provided monthly support since 1975.

Christian Student Fellowship at UT

The CSF at UT offers worship, Bible studies, outreach, and pastoral counseling opportunities for the students at the UT campus in Knoxville.  Mike McCormick is West Towne’s representative on the Board of Directors.  WTCC has provided monthly support since 1974.

Mission Services

Mission Services provides administrative support to Missionaries, disseminates information about Missionaries, and publishes “Horizons” magazine monthly.  They print newsletters and keep updated addresses for over 200 independent Missionaries.  Alita Bryant and George Clark have served on the Board of Directors.  Norman Weaver has served as the Executive Director.  West Towne has provided monthly support since 1974.

Smoky Mountain Christian Camp

SMCC is located on 70 acres of land next to Cherokee National Forest near Coker Creek in MonroeCounty.  Church camp and Wilderness Camp run simultaneously during the summer months.  Cabins have been built under Bill Clark’s supervision.  WTCC has provided monthly support since 1974.

Knox Area Rescue Mission

KARM ministers to the needy and homeless in the Knoxville area.  West Towne has provided financial support since 2000.  The West Towne Youth Group routinely does volunteer work for the mission by providing a soup dinner on “Souper” Bowl Sunday.

The Restoration House

The Restoration House of East Tennessee helps to restore single mothers and their children back to God’s good intent for their lives by providing supportive transitional housing and team mentoring in a safe learning environment where single mothers and their children have an opportunity to restore Life’s Four Key Relationships through a personalized, guided plan.  WTCC has provided support since the ministry’s inception in 2008.