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Young Adults

The college and young adult years are an exciting, but odd time of life for most of us.  Are you an adult or a kid?  You’re taking on adult responsibilities, that’s for sure.  But let’s be honest, you don’t want to carry the full burden of adulthood just yet.

At a time in your life when you have more questions than answers, you need some other Christians you can face the journey with. We don’t have young adult ministry figured out either, but we are working hard to give our young adults a place to be who they are, explore the Scriptures, and wrestle with questions like…

  • how do I make my faith my own?
  • what was I created for?
  • how much can I trust the Bible?
  • is Jesus really the only way?
  • how do let go of old friends and make new ones?
  • what does it mean for our generation to follow Jesus?
  • where do I fit into the local church? do I fit?

Statistics show that most people who are regular attenders of church in their youth stop attending church during their college years.

Some people who are beginning college have never attended church at all.

Why is that?  More freedom to make choices?  Different friends?  Church is boring?

As you approach this new stage in your life, join us for the YA-Way (Young Adult Way).

YA-Way has a Sunday morning gathering at West Towne Christian Church and Sunday evening gatherings in homes where students feel free to wrestle with the questions their life journey is throwing at them.  Check out YA-Way at 10:30 Sunday mornings in Room F-25 of the Family Life Center.