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Smoked Turkeys

The “Holy Smokers Grill Team” will be at it again the week before Thanksgiving cooking smoked turkeys. The grill team will be cooking turkey breasts (6 to 8 lb) and whole turkeys (14 to 20 lb). The base price will be $3.50 per cooked lb for whole turkeys and $4.50 per cooked lb for breasts (typically a base price of $30 to $45 per piece of meat) plus a donation for smoking the meat. All profits will go toward the youth mission trip. The turkeys must be picked up at the church between 9 pm Tuesday evening, November 21, and noon on Wednesday, November 22. If you are interested, please sign up on the list below. ┬áIf you have any questions or need more information, call Paul Sadler at 742-1956.

Order Thanksgiving Turkeys

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