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What’s my next step?

Starting Point on Black

A “next step” is always critical within the nature of being a church and for all of our guests; “Starting Point” is the “next step”. So if you are new to West Towne or want to be reminded about what makes us tick, “Starting Point” is a must.
This class will cover two major topics: who is Jesus, and who are we as a church living out His desires for us. We will explore and promote things like baptism, membership, service, Life Groups, additional “next steps”, and answer some questions along the way. This class will be in 2 sessions followed by a lunch for you to meet our staff & elders over some pizza in an informal setting. Children’s ministries will be available.

If you are interested in attending our next Starting Point, sign up below:

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  1. Norma Stanley says:

    Please also add Justin Danford to the “starting point” class scheduled for Sunday, May 3, 2014. His phone number is 865-679-5641. The system wouldn’t return back to the submit form/page so I could add him like I did Beth’s registration.

    Thank you,
    Norma Stanley

    • admin says:

      We received Justin’s RSVP and are thrilled that they are planning to attend.

  2. Paula Gentry says:

    Please do not include Paula Gentry for the lunch count. She has a family commitment.

  3. Rob & Allison Williams says:

    Rob and Allison have a prior commitment and will not be able to stay for lunch.


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