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Solar Eclipse

Unless you are living under a rock you know that on Monday afternoon, August 21st there will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse. The path of the total eclipse is approximately 80 miles wide and cuts a diagonal across the state of Tennessee. The northern edge of the path passes through west Knoxville and the southern edge of the path passes just south of Cleveland Tennessee. The center of the path of totality passes just north of the Smoky Mountain Christian Camp (SMCC). Billy Clark, the camp manager, has confirmed that space is available at the camp for folks that may want to stay at the camp the weekend prior to the eclipse. The cost is $25 per person per night that you stay at the camp. This includes lodging and food. Anyone that may be interested in coming to the camp to experience the eclipse contact Paul Sadler at (865) 742-1956 for details. We will need to know if you plan to participate no later than August 14th.

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