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Are you looking for a place to use your talents and energy to help accomplish the mission of the church? Take a look at the possibilities below and the contact person for each.

Outreach Teams



Kid’s Hope USA Heather Baldy
Furniture Ministry Gene Baquet
FISH Ministry Mark Stephens

Ministry Teams



Facility Hosts Ron Bull
Preschool Ministry Sarah Pavinich
Elementary Ministry Heather Baldy
Student Ministry Marshall Barnett
Guest Services Daryl Simmons
Safety Team Randy Farris

Resource Teams



Chair Setup Team Greg Pavinich
Production Team Dean Nester
Facility Maintenance Ron Bull
Gym Floor Cleaning Marshall Barnett
Mowing Teams Bob Ross
Vehicle Maintenance Dave Micheletta
Wednesday PM Meals Marshall Barnett
Offering Count Team Duane Calhoun

Kids Hope USA (Heather Baldy)
To find out more about our partnership with Ball Camp Elementary School through Kids Hope USA, click here: Kids Hope USA.
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Moving Minstry (Gene Baquet)
WTCC has committed to handle Knox County furniture pickups and deliveries from 9am to noon on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Team members commit to a minimum of two deliveries per quarter. Find out more and sign up here.
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FISH Ministry (Mark Stephens)
Every fifth Saturday we deliver food to needy people within the Knoxville area through the FISH program. We need volunteers to help with delivery of the food. Volunteers should sign up on the WTCC web site and indicate how many deliveries they want to make (1 to 4). The volunteers need to show up at the church at 10:00 AM to get their delivery instructions. They travel to the west Knoxville FISH pantry to get their food bags. From there they make the deliveries. Typically the time commitment is less than 2 hours total. Find out more and sign up here.
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Facility Hosts (Ron Bull)
West Towne has been blessed with a wonderful facility that provides an opportunity to minister to folks in our community. Whether they are looking for a place for their wedding, their sports team, or their neighborhood watch group, we’re thrilled to open our doors for their event as long as we have someone to be the Facility Host for their event. During an event, a Facility Host opens the building, serves as a friendly representative of the church, and makes sure the facility serves the event well. If you’re interested in being a facility host, contact Ron Bull.
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Preschool Ministry (Sarah Pavinich)
West Towne loves kids of all ages! You can have a huge impact on the lives of children and their parents by serving in our Children’s Ministry. Contact Sarah Pavinich to hear about the opportunities available and how to give it a try.
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Elementary Ministry (Heather Baldy)
West Towne loves kids of all ages! You can have a huge impact on the lives of children and their parents by serving in our Children’s Ministry. Contact Heather Baldy to hear about the opportunities available and how to give it a try.
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Student Ministry (Marshall Barnett)
The leaders of tomorrow are already beginning to lead our Student Ministry. If you want to feel young again, come hang out with our students and allow them to breath life into you. Contact Marshall Barnett for more information.
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Guest Services (Daryl Simmons)
Will you help us roll out the red carpet for our guests each Sunday morning? We are looking for people who love people. Our Guest Services Team puts the finishing touches on the facilities, greets people, serves as Section Hosts in the Worship Center, and answers questions in the Guest Services area. Contact Daryl Simmons to find out more and join the team.
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Safety & Security Team (Randy Farris)
The Safety and Security ministry needs volunteers willing to do parking lot checks once or twice per service, to hang out in the lobby during a service while being observant, and to be a contact person/liaison for our greeters, visitors, or anyone who may need assistance during a service. Parking lot checks include checking/counting available parking, being observant to anything that may require attention (icy sidewalks, for instance), and reporting anything out of the ordinary. Additional duties may include checking all perimeter doors and windows, assisting with attendance counts if needed, etc. If you are personable, enjoy meeting new people, don’t mind counting cars, or have a pulse, you may be just the person we’re looking for!
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Chair Setup Team (Greg Pavinich)
Mission: Set up chairs in the morning
Commitment: One Sunday per month
Schedule: Expected to show up at 8am
Contact Greg Pavinich to learn more.
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Production Team (Dean Nester)
Mission: Create worship services that inspire people to Follow Jesus
Commitment: Two Sundays per month
Schedule: Wednesday evening rehearsal and Sunday mornings
Contact Dean Nester to learn more.
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Facility Maintenance (Ron Bull)
Do you take care of your own plumbing, electrical, or construction needs around your house. If so, the church needs your skills. With 33 toilets, hundreds of light fixtures, and miles of drywall, there are always odd jobs to be done. If you’re skilled at any particular area, contact Ron Bull to be added to the list of available handy people.
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Gym Floor Cleaning (Marshall Barnett)
Have you every been envious of the Zamboni driver at the ice rink? You need to join our gym floor cleaning team. You’ll get trained on how to operate the floor cleaner and take a turn every few months being the hero you always dreamed of being. Contact Marshall Barnett to learn more.
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Mowing Teams (Bob Ross)
Our mowing teams take turns mowing and trimming the grass for two weeks throughout the mowing season. Each team consists of 4-6 people. While each team attempts to mow together on a specified evening, some individuals mow their share when it is convenient for them. Volunteers will be assigned to a mowing team and trained on the equipment. To get involved, contact Bob Ross.
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Vehicle Maintenance (Dave Micheletta)
West Towne uses four vehicles and many trailers which all need maintained. If you’re one of those people who know how to check the fluids, identify weird sounds, and advise what repairs need addressed, please contact Ron Bull.
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Wednesday PM Meals (Marshall Barnett)
Food is the language of fellowship. Our Wednesday PM Meal teams make fellowship possible by preparing, serving, and cleaning up after our weekly meals. You can join a team by contacting Marshall Barnett.
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Offering Count Team (Duane Calhoun)
Offering Count Team members must be computer literate, used to handling and counting money quickly and efficiently, ability to be confidential, attend 1st service, and prompt. It is imperative that they can do the job quickly and accurately. Contact Duane Calhoun to learn more.
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