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Middle School

It’s a hard age – and it’s a critical age. At West Towne our experienced team of Middle School staff members and volunteers understand that your teen wants to be busy and independent. We work to make sure that the middle-schoolers at West Towne are active and involved with peers and adults who are an example and an encouragement to them. We believe that God has a plan for your child and it is our goal to provide an environment that allows them to reach this potenial.

The curriculum and activities are designed to challenge your middle-schooler to grow individually by getting to know themselves and to grow in service to God through the opportunity to serve others. For instance, they could participate in the annual mission trip designed especially for middle-schoolers. This trip is different every year, but always located within a day’s drive of Knoxville. They may have the opportunity to build houses or conduct a Vacation Bible School – you can be sure that an experience like this changes their perspective. In addition to plenty of silliness and socializing, these are the sort of activities we have planned for your child.

Take a few moments to browse through information included on this web site. You can contact Marshall Barnett, Youth Minister, at marshall@followjesus.org or 865.357.9822 for more information.