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Whether it’s newborns or adolescents – it’s no doubt that young people provide a certain energy to any church.  At West Towne we appreciate the wide-eyed acceptance of a toddler as well as the skeptical response of a teenager.  In other words, we value our youth and the families that nurture them.  It’s our goal to see that children of every age receive age-appropriate opportunities to learn about and serve God.

You’ll see as you browse through the information in the age groups, that we have activities and curriculum for all ages.  West Towne also provides formal training to ensure that staff members and volunteers have a passion for what they do and the correct skills to be successful in working with your children.

You are valuable to us and we want to provide an environment that supports your family throughout your walk with God.  Please take the time to come and visit West Towne Christian Church – we think you’ll feel right at home.