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2017 Bible Reading Plan

Will you read the Bible with us in 2017? Before you feel defeated at the thought of past failed attempts, let us encourage you to consider trying it again with us. Here are two reasons why we think we can do it this time:

– First, we’re using a reading plan that isn’t as interested in having us read every word in the Bible as it is having us get a glimpse about the overall story God is telling. The One Story plan ties together passages from the Old and New Testament in a 5-minute reading with one day off per week. That sounds manageable, doesn’t it?

– Second, we’re better together. Imagine if families, friends, and Life Groups are all using the same plan at the same time. We’ll be able to encourage one another as we discover God’s Word together.

Join the reading plan on your computer or electronic device.

We’ll all plan to start the plan on January 1, but you’ll be able to adjust if you start on another day.

If you have trouble with electronic devices, you can print a PDF here or pick one up at Guest Service.

Let’s make 2017 a great year in God’s Word!

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